Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Fisherman and the Flounder

This piece was the final for my Illustration 2 class during the spring 2014 semester. We were given a story called, "The fishermen and the Flounder" and tasked with illustrating a passage on a two page spread. My text was a bit dramatic so i really pushed to "sell the scene," making it really dynamic to capture the drama! All and all I'm pretty proud of this illustration.

Mixed media on illustration board

Below is a bit of the process, though messy, that i went through in creating this piece.

Color Roughs

Value Roughs


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Watercolor: Portrait

A portrait of one of my dear friends that I made living here in the bay area. What a great trooper she was to work with!

Watercolor: Faceted Shapes

One of the first assignments I painted in Illustration 2 during the Spring 2014 semester was using faceted shapes to illustrate animals in an environment. I have an affinity for rodents and small critters so I gave this little field mouse a shot! I think it turned out pretty cute.

Medium- watercolor on paper

Below is the process that i went through creating this piece

Color Roughs

Thumbnails/ Value Roughs

InkTober: Train Confrontation

I thought I would gear myself up for Comics 2 during the Fall 2014 semester by creating and inking a two page fight scene. This was a test scene of a personal project and story I am currently working on. 

The Tall Tales of Pecos Bill

This was one of my final pieces for Illustration 1 during Fall semester 2013 and it was such a blast to work on! We were tasked with choosing a folklore to illustrate. I grew up on the western tall tales and decided to do one of my favorite western heroes, Pecos Bill! In this vignette, Bill is off lassoing rivers so that he can bring rain to quench the drought plaguing the southwest!

Medium- Gouache on illustration board

Below is a bit of the process that one goes through creating an illustration.

Color Roughs

Selection of Thumbnails

Quick studies clothed figures

Here are a few of my favorite charcoal sketches from a quick studies workshop. The goal that evening was to push storytelling and point of view!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quick Caricatures

Several caricatures of my classmates. Had a blast capturing their quirky expressions!